Team Unorthodox

Mike | Co-founder
In tandem with running Unorthodox, Mike is a working composer and session musician.
First Setup (c.2000): Cubase, M-Audio Delta 44  // 
 Spirit 2s  //  AT4033

Richard | Co-founder
Whilst overseeing the creative side of Unorthodox, Richard is also a passionate songwriter and contemporary classical composer, currently working on a classical crossover live show.
First Setup (c.1999): Yamaha AW4416  //  Tannoy Reveals  //  SM58 

Sam | Library developer
Alongside helping to develop our sample libraries, Sam is a busy composer / producer and runs his own quirky recording studio in East London (Sound Terrace Studio).
First Setup: Cubase // AXL Solid State Amp (DI'd) // Whatever mics I could get my hands on!

Katy | Graphic Design
Alongside coming up with our brand and the designs for each of our sample libraries, Katy runs her own graphic design business (Live Love Life Design) and is also training to become a yoga teacher.