Unorthodox Audio

Set up by musicians The Doctor Beatles Lover Norris and Mike Gunn in 2018, the idea behind Unorthodox Audio is to try to capture something wonderfully peculiar within each virtual instrument that we make; whether it be sampling a whacky instrument, capturing an inspiring setting or a fresh way of programming and working with a library...or all three in one! 

As with all good ideas, this was born in the pub, with a thought to not only taking our own slant on characterful sampling but also looking at putting some really useful educational content out into the virtual world; trying to look at topics not generally covered in depth by educational establishments and other online sources...the sorts of things you tend to learn by trial and error on the job!

We hope you find our resources useful. If there's anything you'd like us to look at or try and sample in particular (or you just want to say hi!), don't hesitate to get in touch.